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Walk Away

I'm all alone
in this life that's a lie
there's no one but me
and i don't know why

we're playing this game
where we both have to choose
the stakes are high
with nearly everything to lose

we run around in circles
try to figure things out
yet here we are again
filled with nothing but doubt

my heart says to trust you
but my mind shouts out no
if i trust you right now
how long till the next blow

i sit and cry at night
unsure of what i need to do
and when i close my eyes
i'm filled with haunting thoughts of you

but when i wake up
i decide as i lay
that if you come back
i'll finally walk away

little kids are so cuteeeee!

So i've been working at a day camp since the beginning of the week as a counselor, and i just wanna say that little kids are the cutest!!! my group of kids is 2nd and 3rd graders and there's 21 kids in the group. i realize i could never be a kindergarten teacher cus i'd totally pick favorites. i mean, i already know mine right now. heh
but anyway, that's all my life's been about. :)
i swear, me and my friend,Susan, are such little kid stalkers...specially asian boys! what can i say? i'm asian! of course i'm biased! hahaha
oh my gosh! i forgot to mention! there are lik 7 little asian boys in my group!!!! they're so ADORABLE!!! hahaha...me and Su are definitely gonna end up kidnapping a little asian boy one day. hehehe
anyway! loves! <3

always there for you...

i know you're hurting
but you've got to let go
of the heartache and the pain
the feeling so low

the betrayal you feel
the anger inside
it'll all go away
just don't try to hide

the disappointment you feel
towards your family and me
i'm really truly sorry
but this is how it's meant to be

just try to remember
before all the pain
all the good times we've had
don't let them die in vain

and here within my heart
it'll always be us two
no matter what you say or do
i'll always be there for you


woww...i have not written anything like this in so friggin long...but i guess that it's a good thing
i now have a good place to put all my thoughts
so i just came back from the city today after a two hour procedure on my teeeth..holy crap it was long
but now i have a pretty smile!! yayyy :)
and my thumb is really hurting right now...it's making typing kinda hard
so i guess this is good enough for the first entry right?



tiphamsssss <3


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